If you are looking to sell a piece of diamond jewelry, it is important that you receive the price you deserve. Here at Frank Pollak & Sons, there’s nothing we love more than diamonds. We’ve been buying and selling fine diamond jewelry in New York City for more than a century. We understand the importance and value of carat, color, clarity and cut, and can recognize the value in your piece to ensure you receive a fair price.

Over the years, we have seen some truly remarkable pieces of fine jewelry in our store. When we look at your diamond, we will assess the carat, which refers to the diamond’s weight. Larger, heavier diamonds are worth more money because they are less common than a smaller diamond. We will also look at the cut of the diamond, which can impact the value of the diamond based on the precision and aesthetics of the particular cut.

We will also look at the clarity of your diamond for blemishes as well as the effect these blemishes may have on the appearance of the diamond. The fewer blemishes a diamond has, the better clarity it has, and therefore the higher value it may hold. In addition, we will look at the tint present in your diamond. Diamonds that are more chemically and structurally perfect have no hue and are more transparent, making them more valuable. 

At Frank Pollak & Sons, we’ve been evaluating the quality of fine diamond jewelry for more than a century. We have the experience and industry know-how to quickly and accurately assess the value of your diamond jewelry. Give us a call or stop in today to learn more.

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